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Solid Water Oy (Ltd) is a manufacturer for water and wastewater treatment equipment and a contractor in the water supply industry, representing high-quality Finnish cleantech expertise. We have been operating at our workshop in Ilmajoki, Finland since 2011, where today we also design and manufacture our products.
Solid Water Oy offers its customers equipment deliveries, process solutions and maintenance, as well as spare parts. We design and implement comprehensive solutions according to your needs - whether it was equipment deliveries, plant deliveries or partial deliveries. We have customers both in the industry and on the municipal side. The diverse professionalism and long experience of the company's staff produce innovative and efficient solutions as well as equipment for waste and clean water treatment.


Over the years, in addition to Finland, the equipment has been delivered to several different countries, the main market areas being the Nordic countries, Europe and the Middle and Far East.


The company's brand SW guarantees Nordic quality and know-how in all our operations. Our products are made of best raw materials.The company's values are; customer orientation, flexibility, continuity, high quality and reliable partnership.


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