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Clean Water Facilities

Wastewater Facilities

Solid Water can take care of all contracting and renovation measures of waste and clean water treatment plants in both industrial and municipal sector. We also do process and layout design as well as 3D design for various water supply sites. We also provide solutions and equipment designed just for you to increase the efficiency and modernization of existing plants.


We carry out evaluations of equipment and plants, condition surveys and maintenance plans, and we map development needs, after which we implement a hardware solution that is suitable for the specific site and space. Anticipation is the best and most affordable care.


If you want, we will take care of the entire project, from design to construction, equipment installation, instrumentation and commissioning, or we can implement the part you need. We also work a lot with different design offices.


We also provide you quickly with all spare parts for equipment and instrumentation. Individual spare parts are also available on request.

We have the necessary cards and welding classes. In addition, our company has a comprehensive quality system. So you can count on the results of Solid Water's work - we want to do quality and support sustainable development.


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