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<b>Aeration Tower Kovjoki</b>
<b>Aeration Tower Kovjoki</b>
<b>Aeration Tower Kovjoki</b>
<b>Aeration Tower Kovjoki</b>
<b>Aeration Cabinet1</b>
<b>Aeration Cabinet2</b>
<b>Aeration Cabinet3</b>
<b>Aeration Cabinet4</b>
<b>Aeration Cabinet5</b>
<b>Aeration Cabinet6</b>
<b>Aeration Cabinet7</b>
<b>Aeration Cabinet8</b>
<b>Aeration Cabinet9</b>
<b>Aeration Cabinet10</b>

Aeration Cabinets and Towers

Our product range includes aeration cabinets and towers manufactured either from stainless (AISI304) or acid-proof (AISI316) steel.

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We deliver aeration cabinets and towers pre-equipped. The delivery includes, among other things, connections for fresh air inlet pipe and deaeration pipe, a tight hinged hatch, v-notched manifolds, as well as connections for overflow, element cleaning and draining.

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