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<b>Screening Press</b>
<b>Drum Screen and Screening Press1</b>
<b>Drum Screen and Screening Press2</b>
<b>Drum Screen and Screening Press Laihia1</b>
<b>Drum Screen and Screening Press Laihia2</b>
<b>Screening Press1</b>
<b>Screening Press2</b>
<b>Screening Press3</b>
<b>Screening Press4</b>

Screening Press

Solid Water SP Hydraulic Screening Press is an effective and economic system for small screening volumes.


In the Hydraulic Screening Press, a piston pushes screenings separated by a screen into a steel pipe. The screenings are pressed in the tube by pushing and water is separated from the screenings under the effect of pressure. The pressing force can be controlled according to the properties of the process and screenings.

To minimize foul odors, the press outlet may be fitted with a plastic sock to collect compacted screenings.

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The screening press may be integrated with a step screen, in which case it is possible to use a common hydraulic unit.


The primary material used in the equipment  is either stainless or acid-proof steel (AISI304, AISI316).

The screenings sock (with support stand) and screenings transfer pipe are optional equipment.

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