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<b>Sluice Gate1</b>
<b>Sluice Gate2</b>
<b>Sluice Gate3</b>
<b>Overflow Hatch</b>
<b>Sluice Gate4</b>
<b>Sluice Gate5</b>
<b>Sluice Gate6</b>

Sluice Gates and Penstocks

We manufacture various types of sluice gates and penstocks operated by handwheel or by actuator, hydraulic and pneumatic adjustments, according to customers' measures and requirements.


Our selection includes, among other things:


- Overflow gates

- Underflow gates

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We manufacture sluice gates and penstocks from stainless (AISI304) and acid-proof steel (AISI316).


The gates are available on request, either with a surface-mounted mounting or as a model to be installed directly in the channel. Operation with handwheel or actuator.

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