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Examples of our equipment deliveries and contracts we have carried out


Atequiza and Poncitlan, Mexico

- 1 unit of SW FTPe-600 belt filter press

- 1 unit of SW FTPe-1000 belt filter press

- 4 units of SW DT400/1300 drum thickeners

- 6 units of SW DN100-1000 static mixers


Gabal El-Asfar waste water treatment plant, Egypt

- 15 units of FTP2200/BT1900 belt filter presses

- 15 units of F400 flocculators

- 5 units of PO100-4 polymer preparation units


Vartinvaara water treatment facility, Finland

- Machinery contract


Nummela Waste Water Treatment Plant, Finland

- Chain scraper systems


WTP, Kazakhstan

- Chain scraper systems


Öströmin perunatuote Oy, Finland

- A complete solution for potato wastewater treatment


In addition, a large number of minor equipment deliveries, installations, and maintenance not mentioned in this list. We are happy to provide more information.


<b>Sludge Treatment Mexico</b>
<b>Belt Filter Presses Mexico</b>
<b>Belt Filter Presses Egypt</b>
<b>Drum Screen Laihian mallas1</b>
<b>Drum Screen Laihian mallas2</b>

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