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<b>Belt Filter Presses Egypt</b>
<b>Belt Filter Presses Egypt</b>
<b>Belt Filter Presses Mexico</b>
<b>Belt Filter Press Mexico</b>
<b>Belt Filter Press Mexico</b>
<b>Belt Filter Press3</b>
<b>Belt Filter Press2</b>
<b>Belt Filter Press4</b>
<b>Belt Filter Press FTP1900</b>
<b>Belt Filter Press FTP-1DT</b>
<b>Belt Filter Press FTP-2DT</b>
<b>Belt Filter Press FTPe-1000</b>

Belt Filter Press

The Belt Filter Press is a proven technology for sludge dewatering. Belt Filter Presses can be used for all kinds of sludges, even demanding types.

The equipment consists of two parts: a thickening device and the belt filter press. The sludge is pumped into the thickener, where part of the water is removed and the sludge is spread evenly on the belt. The dewatering continues on the belts of the press, first in the free filtration zone of the upper belt and then in the pressing zone, by increasing pressing force between the belts.

The equipment is automatically pre- and postwashed, thus minimising the need for cleaning and maintenance of the unit.


Solid Water's product range includes 2 different belt filter press models:

  • FTP for higher demands and for higher dryness
  • FTPe for small plants and for lower volumes
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Belt filter press is available either as a stand-alone unit or integrated with a drum thickener or belt thickener.


Optional factory made steel reject/effluent water tray can be used when a concrete base is not available.


The primary materials used in the equipment are stainless or acid-proof steel (AISI304, AISI316).

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