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<b>Belt Thickener BT900</b>
<b>Belt Thickener BT900</b>

Belt Thickener

The sludge is led to the thickener through an inlet connection. On the belt, water is separated from the sludge particles. On the belt there are multiple rows of ploughs and below the belt scraping beams. The thickened sludge is conveyed by the belt to the outlet and then deposited into conveyor or directly into container. Discharge water is led to the water process. 

A water jet nozzle arm inside the device cleans the belt.

The construction of Belt Thickener is closed, which makes placement easy and prevents foul odors and spills.

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Belt thickener is available either as a stand-alone device or integrated in a belt filter press.


The primary materials used in the belt thickener are stainless or acid-proof steel (AISI304, AISI316).

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