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<b>Man Hole Cover1</b>
<b>Man Hole Cover2</b>
<b>Hatch 600x600</b>
<b>Triple Hatch</b>
<b>Man Hole Cover Concrete</b>
<b>Man Hole Cover 1200x1200</b>
<b>Hatch 600x600</b>
<b>Man Hole Cover 600</b>
<b>Hatch 700x700 for casting</b>

Manhole and Hand Hole Covers

We manufacture manhole and handhole covers for both indoor and outdoor use. Locking and/or thermal insulation can be included, if required. The covers are maintenance-free and easy to use.

The material used in the covers is stainless steel AISI304 or aluminum.


The covers can be installed on concrete structures or cast directly in the concrete.

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