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<b>Screw Screen SSC-500</b>
<b>Screw Screen SSC-500</b>
<b>Screw Screen1</b>
<b>Screw Screen2</b>
<b>Screw Screen3</b>
<b>Screw Screen4</b>
<b>Screw Screen5</b>
<b>Screw Screen SSC</b>
<b>Screw Screen SSC-300</b>
<b>Screw Screen SSC-300-1</b>

Screw Screen

Screw screen consists of a filtration zone, where screenings are separated from water with a perforated trough and conveyed to a drying zone by an internal screw.

At the drying zone the discharge water is screened through a perforated trough to the internal screw and led through a reject water connection to re-enter the process.

Screenings leave the unit through an exit opening and they can be collected for example in a separate waste container.

A screw screen can be installed either in a concrete channel or in a separate tank, in which case it can be combined with for example a sand separator.

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If necessary the screening may be washed by water spray.

The screw screen is dimensioned according to the amount of wastewater and measurements of the possible channel.


The primary material used in the equipment is either stainless or acid-proof steel (AISI304, AISI316).

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