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Food process sludge treatment package

Food process sludge treatment package

We delivered to our customer a complete food process waste water treatment package. All functions were accommodated in the same large 4 x 10,5 x 4,1 m basin separated by partitions.


The package included all the necessary piping, components and equipment:

- Inlet basin 9 m3

- Instant mixing basin and mixer

- Leveling basin and air mixing 13 m3

- Pix/Pax precipitation chemical basin

- Lye feed basin

- Aeration/leveling basin 115 m3

- Clarification basin 2,25 m3 and return sludge pumping

- Sludge storage 6.5 m3

- Sampling basin

- Sludge discharge piping, pumps and press control

- Drum thickener

- Flocculator

- Control center

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